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Funny stories from the AM....

Thought I'd share the humor with you guys.

We were sitting in physics, and Mr. McMillan introduced different kinds of friction to us.
He writes "static friction" on the board and then asks the class what the other kind of friction is.
Everyone sits and stares for a while...
Then Taylor shouts out "PUBLIC!"

Thennnnn we were in precalc, and today we were talking about trig proofs. Again. And how you need to show at the end that you're done by putting a check mark or QED.
Someone asked what QED stood for, and why we use it, so Ms. Malone put it on the board.
(Quod erat demonstrandum for those who don't know, meaning it has been demonstrated)
Then she asked us what word we saw in demonstrandum.
Alex Volinski: "I see demons"


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